Today’s three awesome things (02/20/15):

1. I was apprehensive about the gym moving to an older building, but now I actually like how it’s a little “old school”. It’s sort of nice and makes me thing of old sports movies.
2. I took the dog on a nice, long walk and brought a tasty pear for a snack. The air is less winter-y now somehow.
3. Vietnamese coffee is my new favorite coffee. There’s something very zen-like about brewing it.

What three things helped you adjust today?


Today’s three awesome things (02/19/15):

1. Discovered an awesome new breakfast place that’s really hidden away. This is now my mom’s kitchen when I can’t be in my mom’s kitchen.
2. Got a cool new mug. It’s orange, which is a nice change from the “50 shades of actual grey” the weather displays outside…
3. Tomorrow we are eating pork shoulder tacos.

What three things brought a change into your day today?


Today’s three awesome things (02/18/15):

1. The senior home behind our house put a nice birdhouse out back so that the residents can see all the birds that have been slowly trickling back in for the end of winter. Made me smile.
2. I had a dental cleaning today. This is the first time in my life I have no cavities and just good chompers. This has been a big wish of mine to be worry free, dentally speaking.
3. My new silicone wedding ring has so far done great with both jiujitsu and crossfit training. I feel like this is one of the better purchases I made in life.

What three things made you feel more confident today?


Today’s three awesome things (02/17/15):

1. I haven’t been seeing the third cattle of the little farm I always walk by with the dog so I kind of started thinking it landed in the freezer of the owner over the winter months. I saw my third furry friend today by accident and was a little happy that he’s still around.
2. I had a nice jiujitsu practice with my friends.
3. The dinner I had somewhat poorly planned actually turned out really good!

What three little things made you feel glad today?


Today’s three awesome things (12/21/14):

1. I went on a nice morning run with a new friend at the nearby Abby. We came upon some curious, furry fellas.
2. As much as I got annoyed with the amount of Thai food places back at our home base, I now really miss it on occasion. Luckily there is a really awesome place not too far from where I live now. Really hit the spot tonight.
3. There is something really calming about making stovetop espresso. I love the whole process of it.

What three things were simply enjoyable today?


Today’s three awesome things (12/20/14):

1. I shipped myself sand from the gulf when we moved. When I touch the sand it feels almost as good as sitting on the beach.
2. Someone payed it forward and got us free hot chocolate.
3. After six months I am finally connected to the rest of the world again via TV. I’ve missed making fun of trash TV or watching the news and weather so much.

What three things made you feel like a human today?


Today’s three awesome things (12/19/14):

1. I got an A on my Anatomy test. Considering I learned about this subject last in the English language, now having to translate it all back to German and remember latin names, I feel somewhat good about myself.
2. It’s been nothing but grey rain here for a month or so, which makes the drive to school pretty monotonous. About midway though, there’s always a little house.. a power station maybe and it has really colorful graffiti on it. I look forward to seeing it every time.
3. I missed my neighborhood, friends and house especially today but my neighborhood friends took some pictures of them getting together and made sure I knew we weren’t forgotten because we moved away. Made me a little sadhappy, which I think is called sappy..
What three things saturated your day with colors today?


Today’s three awesome things (12/16/14):

1. Someone put a hat on their tree! This awesomeness is pretty self explanatory I find.
2. The sun came out and I got to lift weights, all in the same day. I am practically bursting with serotonin.
3. I came home and I drank a red stripe with lime and I decided for sure to visit my other home this summer and see all my friends. That made me very happy and gives me something to look forward to.

What three things made your long days seem a little shorter today?