Today’s three awesome things (11/28/13):

1. Today was not only Thanksgiving, but also Ryan’s birthday. That we got to spend it together was simply awesome. We’ve missed many significant days over the years but we always make it up on the ones we get to spend together so I’m never regretful of the ones we missed.

2. When I went to our little donut place this morning to get a snack before all of the cooking was going to reach critical levels, a tiny asian lady with a felt hat came walking in just as I was paying. She is a friend of the lady that owns the donut shop and came in to give her a bag of very large oranges straight from her own tree. She gave me two of them.. just because she felt like it. Thank you sweet, felt hat-ed lady! I will have real Florida oranges for breakfast tomorrow instead of the monochrome-y ones that Mr. Mart.. Wal Mart, drove all the way from California in a loud stinky truck across the country.

3. The house still smells good from the Indian food we cooked. Spices are awesome.

What three things kept you on the fresh side of life today?


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