Today’s three awesome things (11/29/13)

1. We welcomed one of our friends back from Afghanistan this morning. There’s nothing I rather go to the airport for.. not even to go visit my family. I learned that deployments feel the same for both partners, no matter which one is the one gone/left behind.
2. I learned from the above mentioned friend that there are people in this world who like to releave themselves in showers (in a steamy manner,  as noted by the sign).. and that there are people who defend those showers honor. My deepest gratitude to you, defender of the shower.
3. I had a spontaneous movie date with the husband. I really like the performance of Phillip Seymore Hoffman (he played Capote, excellent movie) in the new Hunger Games movie. It’s awesome there are still good actors in our time.

What three things made you learn stuff today?

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