Today’s three awesome things (11/30/13):

1. When I was making potato salad this morning I realized that I really love browning salted pork. It’s one of the most comforting sound/smell combinations to me. I like when it first starts being all bubbly with evaporating water. Once the water is gone a quiet sizzling starts and builds up like a Beethoven symphony for about five minutes. Then you stir it and all the little pieces turn more and more brown and the noise becomes a quiet rush, like a standing ovation of tiny piglets. I bow my head to your performance,  tiny piglet choir.
2. I went to Maas coffee and one of my favorite surf shops in support of small business Saturday. ..and because I love the people there. I never go back home without having had a good conversation.
3. I am standing outside of a house filled with wonderful friends writing this. I feel lucky.

What three things made you love people.. and other livestock today?

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