Today’s three awesome things (12/01/13):

1. I woke up just in time to catch an early morning yoga class. One of my favorite things about early morning yoga is the nap after.. coincidentally that goes for every physical activity I do.
2. A sweet friend of mine that I see way to irregularly needed a ride home from the airport and I didn’t mind a little road trip to Panama City. When I arrived I not only got to see my dear friend, but also this beautiful thing called a “sun dog” across the sky.
3. On my way to the airport I made a little stop at my favorite coffee place. When I walked toward the back door I could already hear someone playing some pretty sweet bluesy tunes on an electric piano. When I got my coffee I decided to sit down in the back and listen for a little while. A hobby painter that is a regular and a harmonica player joined me out there and it became one of those “random accumulation of people” moments that I live for. I stayed for a few songs and I’m glad I did.

What three things simply worked themselves out for you today?

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