Today’s three awesome things (12/02/13):

1. Like every average person I struggle with motivation at times. My alarm is set Monday through Friday for 5:40 am to go work out but lately I’ve been hitting the snooze button a lot. This morning my dear husband didn’t just let me do that and headed to work. He woke me back up and then said something very important. He said “you’re going to be glad you went”. If somebody ever says this to you, go ahead and marry them. They are good for you. On the way home from the gym I heard myself say out loud “I’m so glad I went”.
2. I saved a life today. Not a human, but a feline one. Working at a non profit animal shelter, you have to say no a lot. Whenever there’s no room, when your shelter is broke,  when there are illnesses.. you have to send people away, even if they are the sweetest people with the best intentions. Today I got to pick up one of those “no’s” from a nearby kill shelter. Kind people there held her for us just long enough until we could make room. This meant a lot to me because I knew the people personally and their intentions were good. Today was a good day at work.
3. My manager is awesome and really made my day by pulling some strings for me. This is probably the lowest paid job I’ve ever had and taking off time is difficult,  but when it comes to who I work with there’s not many places I would trade with right now. She does everything she does for free, she’s a volunteer. If you’re a volunteer,  not the standing around in the way-kind, but the getting shit done-kind.. you are awesome.

What three things made your day today?

2 thoughts on “Today’s three awesome things (12/02/13):

  1. Love the positivity of your blog. As someone who struggles with negativity, this habit you have formed of finding three awesome things each day is very inspiring. Also, love the cat pics. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the positive comment! I’m glad you find something positive for yourself in it. After all that’s part of this exercise. And our residents are just so photogenic, I can never pass up taking a picture. 🙂

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