Today’s three awesome things (12/03/13):

1. I had a real nice walk with my dog before work this morning. It was the kind of walk where you purposefully go slower than normal. You notice so much more stuff that way. Some new flowers that are growing in a neighbor’s yard, how the air smells, that the back of your neighborhood may be quieter so you slow down even more, somebody cooking breakfast in their kitchen and the accompanying faint sound of dishes clickedy-clacking together or just some birds bathing in a puddle having a blast. It’s awesome to slow down first thing in the morning.
2. I’ve written about my elderly,  “grumpy” coworker “Bob” before (seems like every work place has at least one Bob) and how he always appears to be in a bad mood and I thought for the longest time he hated me with the passion of an opera singer doing a live performance. A few weeks ago I shared my home cooked lunch with him and today he came and gave me a brand new 2 liter water jug because I always do “that healthy stuff”. Funny enough, this morning I was thinking that I really needed a new one after I “mazel tov-ed my old glass one at the yoga place on the first day recently.
3. Growing up in Germany with a Romanian grandmother exposed me to a lot of fairytales and stories. When I was little my grandmother used to always say that when the sky gets all red and glowy before Christmas,  it means that the Christkind (that’s our version of baby jesus) is baking cookies. I still think of that every time I see one of those skies.

What three things made you make new memories and relive old ones today?

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