Today’s three awesome things (12/05/13):

1. Every day at the end of my work day I go and clean my favorite room upstairs. It’s the room dedicated to our residents with ringworm. I suit up like a brain surgeon.. hair net, long coat, another pair of scrub pants over mine, thick gloves. It’s silent and peaceful up there and I can look out of the window and see my micro-world from a little higher up. I can give and receive much needed love despite the thick gloves.. i can administer medicine without being harsh or too quick. Right now we just have little Elvis up there. I went upstairs a little early to socialize. I could tell it was much appreciated.. despite the lack of common language between our species. Wordless understanding is awesome.
2. I finally got myself to call the dentist for an appointment because of reoccurring, stabbing occasional pain on one of my chompers. This is a huge deal. I’m scared like a three year old and I WILL request that comfort “blanky” when I go on Monday. I don’t care if I’m 30.
3. It’s awesome that Nelson Mandela lived in our lifetime. His words and that smile broke many barriers. That’s something to try and live up to and I will miss simply knowing somebody like him is present in this world.

What three things did you get inspired by today?


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