Today’s three awesome things (12/06/13):

1. One of our little residents at work had a really rough day. Thankfully a great veterinary in town works closely with us and got this jumpy guy taken care of. People like this doctor are awesome. He barely breaks even working with us sometimes and certainly wouldn’t have to squeeze us in on a busy Friday, but he does, every week. Month after month and year after year.
2. My sister, who recently turned onto a road I took a few years ago called ‘greencard cutoff ‘ got a job offer today. After endless paperwork,  playing the waiting game, more paperwork, a very long flight to a place you’ve never been with everything you own and no return ticket, initial euphoria, falling into deep trenches of homesickness, everything being foreign and odd.. I know all too well this means the world. Getting this call from her really made my day.
3. I got home before the weekly crash on 98 happened and a husband and puppy to take a nap with waited for me.

What three things ended your week on a positive note today?


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