Today’s three awesome things (12/07/13):

1. This morning I went to grab a coffee but the little road I always park at was closed off due to a 5K race so I had to park a little down the road, right by this little southern gem of a house. I love Florida for these little sightings. It’s ruggedness and the slightly withered colors everything has from the moody weather are just some of the things that you might see if you just park a little further away sometimes. That goes for every location. I bet you’d at least see a nice interaction between people or somebody giving you a smile you’d have missed if you had been in your car.
2. It’s rare that I go to baby showers but when I do, the thing I enjoy most is seeing families interact with each other. My family is far away (about 4000 miles to be somewhat precise), so I really enjoy watching others. The thing that always stands out to me is that, no matter what background a family has, the underlying and very subtle understanding and warmth is all the same. It’s hard to put into words but something in the way people look at each other, greet each other, slight changes in mimic and gesture… we’re all one thing somehow.
3. When I was six years old a family friend spent the better part of one particular pre Christmas evening to show me how to make paper boats. We must have made a thousand of them that night.. so much,  that I can now make them with my eyes closed. I make it a point to leave one almost everywhere I go.. sort of as an ‘Iris was here’ signature.

What three things made you be there for that one thing you wouldn’t want to miss today?


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