Today’s three awesome things (12/08/13):

1. Despite being an adult I still enjoy sleepovers at my friend’s houses, especially when I can bring my pup along. I could sleep on somebody’s kitchen floor if my dog was there. He’s my, admittedly drooly and noisy peace of mind on four paws.
2. A while back I stumbled across a friend’s blog post about a kickstarter project that involved a young widow who took her experiences and wrote them down in book form. Her story really struck a nerve with me for several reasons so I had no problem making a contribution towards getting her book published. Today I got a postcard that meant she met her goal and the book should be out next year. That made me really happy but what really got me was that it wasn’t some pre-printed text on the back but a hand written message. I love that some people still do this. It made me want to start writing them again, too. Inspiration sometimes takes the unpredictable route towards you.
3. I worked on my English today. We are having roasted chicken for dinner and I kept calling it rotisserie chicken until I was corrected by my husband. The little words and terms leftover from the times of me not speaking English are getting less one by one.

What three things got you to never stop learning new things or re-learn old ones today?


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