Today’s three awesome things (12/09/13):

1. This morning was one of those mornings where, the second you wake up you just want to cry for no reason, call in sick, crawl back under the blanket, you drop everything, it’s raining outside, you can’t find your damn keys.. in short, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. All the cleaning at work and my impending dental appointment later in the day were really hanging over my head and the usual Monday morning meeting of “we’re really broke” and “you gotta work all the holidays” didn’t make it better. I checked out after my half day and hesitantly walked into the dentist office. After filling out some forms I was sat in the torturous chair. I started thinking how those chairs with all the arms and trays on it always make me think of the international space station. Then I started thinking of astronauts.. then I noticed a screen that showed in long intervalls nice pictures of different places on earth, then I thought of a really cool interview on NPR I heard a while ago with Col. Chris Hadfield. Then I noticed a funny looking fish up on the wall. Before I knew it, I was done and walking out with having lost my nervousness and gained one referral to get my wisdoms taken out.. what? Being easily distracted is awesome sometimes.
2. Since I still had the whole afternoon left I drove down to the park and my favorite coffee place. I found some serenity and friendly people to share a coffee and a conversation with.
3. When I came home I had a Christmas package by the door from my sister. Mail from my family makes me happy

What three things did you allow to turn your day around today?

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