Today’s three awesome things (12/10/13):

1. I love stretching meals out because a friend is coming over. I get to use the skills my mom taught me and in general I like spontaneous visits by friends. It’s how we do at home.
2. As it goes with Florida weather, the temperature dropped from a humid 80 something to a breezy 60 something (my metric guess anyways) within two hours. One of the most awesome feelings to me is when you get in your icy cold car and you align your air vents perfectly with your hands on the steering wheel and the warm air hits your hands.
3. We have one bath tub in the house that is just shy of maybe 4 inches of my body length (which it’s really hard to build something shorter than me) so I never think to take a bath but today I took a half laying down bubble bath over the obligatory shower and it made me all melty like butter. I should do that more often.

What three little things made your day a tad bit more warm and special today?

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