Today’s three awesome things (12/11/13):

1. I have a friend back home in Germany that I have known for a good 15 years. We spent the better part of our late teens in front of a bulky computer screen together smoking cigarettes and playing diablo I. and II. with squinting eyes until the morning hours. Her and I, though never geographically,  were and are always close. She always writes me or sends me something that makes me laugh and I know whenever I see her again it will be like neither of us ever left. The things I love about my friend are: she always has a smile to share… and she likes fruit. It’s awesome to have friends that like fruit and smiling and that never forget about you, no matter which corner of the world is your home at the time.
2. It was one of my early work days today so I got to go home and take a nap and still catch enough daylight to walk the dog and see some of my neighbors.
3. When you move far away a lot of family traditions kind of get left behind but one that I have always hung on to is how we brew our coffee. It makes the kitchen smell like a street cafè, and that is awesome.

What three things helped you keep a piece of your old self today?

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