Today’s three awesome things (12/12/13):

1. When I have to be at work a little early I set my alarm for before sunrise and treat myself to a cup of coffee in bed. I like watching the sunlight slowly creeping through the little gap in the curtains.
2. Sometimes when I see two entirely different species get along that aren’t preprogrammed to do so, I like to think that I should try to do the same. Today a lady came in with, what is best described as, bumper stickers for humans. Basically giant pins with fat political statements written on them, you know, in case you have glaucoma and can’t read small print. I generally dont agree with pushing your opinion into someone elses face but she obviously didn’t come to the shelter for that and seems to consider her attire normal, so I abided by the good old ‘live and let live’ saying. Turns out I had a really nice little talk with her about her 8 (eight) cats and one dog and she left a nice donation for us and had nothing but kind words. Not getting hung up on someones outer shell might surprise you and is therefore awesome.
3. I admit, I’m still homesick after 6 years of living in the US. The worst time for a German citizen to be anywhere but home is Christmas. There are to main reasons for this. First, we Christmas like it’s going out of style and second, leaving your family or your region is by far the norm. Needless to say, a huge cloud has been hanging over my head and I haven’t been in “the spirit” at all. What makes matters kind of worse is that my husband is finally not deployed for a holiday and I should be thrilled (which I am) but that cloud still came 4000 miles over the Atlantic to place itself right over my head. I feel silly and confused about that. However, today after another long groundhog day I came home to warmed up glühwein and  the most thoughtful note. If you don’t know what glühwein is, bless your poor poor heart. It’s red wine with spices and you drink it very hot when it’s very cold out. Cup one makes your legs a little heavy, cup two makes your earlobes hot and cup three makes the rest of your body feel soft like Santa’s beard. This thoughtful gesture switched on Christmas for me and made the cloud over my head considerably lighter in color.

What three things made your ears hot today? *giggle*

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