Today’s three awesome things (12/13/13):

1. Today was an incredibly busy day at the shelter. Our local newspaper ran a story on our non profit and how we’ve barely been scraping by money wise. As soon as the article appeared people started coming with donations to the point where my co worker and I barely could keep up. Seeing all the food and stuff for our “residents” was amazing but what really taught me something about the good in people were the volunteers. Today would have really sucked for my co worker and I because Friday is our part timer’s day off so on top of everything else we have to do his part and I also had an unplanned veterenary visit. We had two awesome volunteers this morning that helped us clean and put away donations. Then, just before we were about to close people came and dropped off an SUV full of litter, food, and other supplies that we really needed. It would have taken us forever to put all that away but my husband was nearby and came to help our need even though he’s got a pretty moderate cat hair allergy. Today was one of those days where the people around you make it all work with little gestures.
2. After work we stopped by the nearby cigar place for a coffee and nice conversations. I’ve only been there twice before and I was a little hesitant breaking into what always seemed like a “guys” domain to me. But the owner’s wife joined in with a cigar and also made me a good coffee and my hesitation was gone before I knew it. Meeting new people at unlikely places is awesome.
3. When I was picking up food earlier I had public radio on and they played a song that I really liked for no particular reason. I like music that I can’t understand the lyrics to.. they keep you guessing and they make me dream about traveling

What three things were simply good today?


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