Today’s three awesome things (12/14/13):

1. My body decided that around 5:30 am it was time to wake up and have breakfast at a wonderful place called Happy Donut. It’s a hole in the wall breakfast place right by our house which opens at 5 am every day. I had the entire place to myself this morning so I sat quietly with my two sunny side up eggs, sausage and toast and watched the sunrise. Then I went back to bed.
2. I made awesome deviled eggs this afternoon. Did you know in Germany we call them “Russian eggs”? Now you know.
3. Today was our Christmas shinding at the EOD shop. The guys had smoked a whole pig and it came out awesome. I barely make it out to see everybody but I love this small community like you’d love your siblings. This year was really mellow compared to the last few years but I rather enjoyed it considering the last couple had been a bit off the chain…

What three things made you have a bombdiggedy Saturday?

2 thoughts on “Today’s three awesome things (12/14/13):

  1. I don’t think I ever got the chance to visit Happy Donut, but Donut Hole in Destin was one of our favorites! And Big City in FBW. That place (before it moved locations) spurred my then-19-year-old-desire to open a coffee shop one day. That still exists. Thanks for the memory! 🙂

    I’m glad your day started out so lovely, and ended surrounded by love as well.

    • Oh I love the Donut Hole! I’m admittedly a little glad it’s all the way out there or I would be there once a day.. I don’t know if the lady worked there back then or if she still does but they used to have this very old lady working the night shift. She looked like she had a few tanning sessions too many and had only a vague idea how to correctly put on her red lipstick. She was such a character and I made it a point to go at night just so I can talk with her. She was so cool! She probably has evaporated by now though from all the tanning and chainsmoking…
      Happy Donut has got its own little flair and if you’re ever in town for the ball or something let me know and we’ll go. The owner is an older Thai lady and with her she was working a Chinese guy (I think) and two American college students. I swear to god, when she’s not here (which in six years has happened once) that place is out of control and nothing works but when she is, it works like a swiss clock and you can see her exchange sharp and quiet words with her workers. She serves donuts, American breakfast and bulgogi…. I’m not even kidding.

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