Today’s three awesome things (12/15/13):

1. I got some of my favorite coffee beans so I have something to look forward to tomorrow morning. I’m kind of excited to get up now.
2. Dogs are awesome because when you come in the door after an hour they act like you’ve been gone to battle against the Romans for seven years. There’s rarely anything so pure and perfect than that facial expression you get.
3. Sundays are my minimalist days. It’s where I enjoy something simple for myself, something small and uncomplicated that I do, simply because it makes me feel good like take a car ride in the sunset. I like that ten to twelve minutes when everything’s orange and you’re moving towards nowhere in particular. You’re not trying to get anywhere to do something, just being still in your car moving across the concrete of the road. Maybe a little music, that’s it

What three things helped you keep it simple today?

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