Today’s three awesome things (12/16/13):

Today wasn’t the greatest of all days.. I couldn’t make a rescue happen at work and it really made me not want to write anything. But the whole point of this exercise is to highlight the positive in each single day so that it may outshine the bad stuff that is just going to happen, whether you want it to or not. So here it goes, three things that made me smile:
1. I somehow managed to octopus my dog into a t-shirt. It made me laugh, not him so much which made me laugh even more. He’s awesome for putting up with me.
2. When I was sitting at the veterenary office I was watching a little boy be very gentle with all the animals in the waiting room. He talked to them so mellow and calm like I’ve never heard a child talk before. This kid painted this monochrome moment with bright colors. I hope he becomes a veterenary, or teacher, or dentist, or counselor.. something where a lot of warmth and understanding is needed. That kid was awesome.
3. Banana pudding. We don’t have this in Germany. At least not that I know of. Thank you kindly America, for this great invention.

What three things made the colors in your day just a little bit brighter?

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