Today’s three awesome things (12/18/13):

1. This morning I went for a walk/jog real early. There’s a really impressive magnolia tree in one of my neighbors yards that I always enjoy when I walk by. This morning in the sunrise it looked even more beautiful. If I had one of those trees, I’d put a bench right under it.
2. Two of my  best girlfriends came to the shelter and brought me lunch. They both are in the military and I would lie if I said I’m not maybe a little proud when I’m with them while they are in uniform. I’m not from here so I’m not born with any kind of special patriotism or anything.. but hanging out with them makes me always sort of feel like if Superman, or one of those characters, were real people, and female.. and you could hang out with them in real life, and sometimes they brought you a delicious sandwich because they are friends with you. Superman-women are awesome. Also they got to meet my favorite resident.
3. When I went to the hardware store after work I saw my own name on a security system thing. I don’t know why, but it made me smile because my name is really uncommon here. At least it wasn’t for roach traps or something. I don’t mind being responsible for the security of a home I guess.

What three things made your day be super, man?

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