Today’s three awesome things (12/19/13):

1. I found my favorite coffee mug again. I love the feeling of completeness you get when you find something you’ve been looking for and almost forgot about it.
2. The spanish moss that grows on trees here is something I’ve always liked. I was told once that this stuff is considered kind of a pest but I don’t see it that way. The trees seem to be doing just fine. I like to think that it’s sort of like the relationship that some whales have with smaller fish that hitch a ride with them to go to places and for exchange, they eat small crustaceans and other things off of their skin.
3. My husband being home to decorate a Christmas tree literally hasn’t happened since 2007.. and on top of that, I haven’t had a non plastic tree since 2006, the last time I spent the holidays with my family. It’s awesome that a deep void can be filled by a small gesture, like him picking out a real tree for us. It smells good in here and I feel better about this holiday.

What three long lost things have you found today?

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