Today’s three awesome things (12/20/13):

1. My road to a normal Friday was rather rocky today.. to be honest it was merely a dirt road. First I had to scrub my dog’s “accident” out of the carpet right after waking up, then we had to bury (and by that I mean dig a 4 foot hole) a stray cat at work that got hit by a car. The positive things though, neither of the two I had to do alone. It’s awesome to have partners in misery. It’s definitely only half the load that way.
2. We’ve been enjoying a really good volunteer for the past two weeks. The girl had to do it to pay court fees because she did something she shouldn’t have and needed a wakeup call. She’s been doing excellent work for us and I’ve seen her transition into really wanting to have her life straight. Today was her last day and with that she was all done and could move on with her life. Sad for us, but I was really happy for her. I love the look of relief in those people when they are finished with something they thought they couldn’t do.
3. Since this day had me almost loose my mind I decided to take a little detour to the coffe shop. I ended up talking with my coffee friends for about two hours in the back and it really took my mind off of this week. I also got a free muffin and a coffee. Friends of the bean are friends for life.

What three things made you look on the brighter side of things?

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