Today’s three awesome things (12/22/13):

1. Are you ever on your way home but then pass your street and decide to keep driving? I find everyone should do that every once in a while. I took a detour to the beach today because the weather seemed like the kind that makes the waves bubbly and loud. I parked and as I walked up the steps I could already hear the rush of ~650 quadrillion gallons of water (according to the brittanica encyclopedia.. I am not a smart person and have to look these things up). There were some pretty nice waves, especially for the gulf of mexico but the best part was the smell of salt water. It hit me right when I stepped out of the car, in the same manner as it hits you when you open the door to a hole in the wall bakery. It’s one of the best smells in the world to me and seems to be almost medicinal. Regardless though, I’ve had places like this everywhere I’ve lived so far.. growing up in my small town I’d pass by my house and keep walking up into the woods to a tree that grew so crooked,  you could sit on it like a bench. Or when I lived in my first appartment I’d get out of the bus by my place but not stop at my door. I’d keep walking instead, all the way down to the river bed and watch heavy loaded barges go by and their wake would make my little boat ramp shake slowly and softly. I bet there’s a place like that hiding somewhere around where you live.
2. Butter cookies with chocolate remind me of home and go excellent with coffee, therefore they are awesome.
3. My dog has the relaxing down to a t. We should learn that from our pets.

What three things made you take the long way home?


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