Today’s three awesome things (Christmas Edition):

This Christmas I got many things..
From my work I got delicious chocolates, and a job.
From my residents I got kisses and purrs.
From my “grumpy” coworker I got a really sweet calendar, and a most genuine smile.
From Jaho ho hovleas I got a new drinking bottle, and many kisses.. and about a gallon of boxer slobber with that.
From my sisters I got something to keep me warm, something nice for my wine drinking, a package from Germany on the way, pictures of the kids and the best sister love anyone could ever receive.
From my parents I got a nice long phone call, and life.
From my husband I got a super awesome bluetooth speaker, and an idea what this holiday really is about.. which is selfless love. And a new tradition! We put some comfy clothes on, made some to go hot chocolate and drove around and looked at Christmas lights tonight.

And from all of you who read this, I got all of you in my life one way or another.

I got many awesome things this year for Christmas.

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