Today’s three awesome things (12/27/13):

1. When I came home from work I had a package from Germany waiting for me. Chocolates with schnaps, sauce mixes, cookies from scratch and something to survive the Florida winters with. Whenever I get these packages, I cut the tape on the box very slowly because I can feel my heart get excited and warm.
2. We are having two of our best friends over tonight for a sleepover. They are moving soon, which has been giving me mixed feelings. These two got me through the majority of my husbands deployments while being in a foreign country.. some of my hardest times I’ve spent watching movies for distraction on their couch and sleeping on their guest bed. They’ve fed me, made me laugh when I didn’t feel like laughing, helped me pick up my now 80lbs puppy from another state, lent me an ear and a hand more times than I can count. The military life is funny that way.. you spend excessive amounts of time with good friends, learn to love them and make them your family. But one day you have to let them go somewhere new.. somewhere you can travel to and visit in the near future. I like to look at it as more places I’m going to get to see.
3. I like the smell of limes and cilantro.

What three things made your heart warm today?


2 thoughts on “Today’s three awesome things (12/27/13):

  1. This blog was long overdue…ever since you started posting your daily lists, I make sure that if I don’t post a response of my own, I say them before I go to sleep šŸ™‚ So 1.) I’m thankful I got to meet this pretty awesome German chick who has a heart the size of a dinner plate. 2-3: Today I woke up in a foreign country in a warm bed, had a hot shower, and a great lunch. The sun is shining and I was able to take a walk in my own clothes on a sunny day with pretty high odds that nothing was going to blow up near me or shoot at me while I did it. Meanwhile, not too far away, there are people just like me who are getting paid the same I am, who do the same job I do, yet have none of the things I mentioned above simply due to timing and location–neither of which is under their control. So no matter what trivial things happen while I’m here, how many people annoy the shit out of me, how frustrating work is, or anything else, I just poke my brain with that little fact, smile and move on. That’s what is making my heart warm today–not luck, but perspective–something that can be easy to lose when you forget that the world doesn’t revolve around just you!

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