Today’s three awesome things (12/29/13):

1. This afternoon, when I was out walking with my two legged and four legged man, my parents and aunt called me from Germany on my cell phone, which I forgot I had rushed into my pocket before leaving. Sometimes I have a moment where I realize you used to be not able to do that. Phones used to be permanent fixtures either in your house or the street corner. It’s an odd thing to realize and, admittedly,  sometimes I leave my phone purposely at home just to savor the ‘in the moment’ living that used to be natural. But it sure is nice to have your loved ones close at hand if the need strikes.
2. After the walk I made it to the beach just in time for a sunset coffee.
3. Sports are awesome. I used to be not into sports at all but I now really appreciate the big dreams they inspire. Big dream doesn’t have to mean you’ll be walking into an Olympic stadium soon or ever. It means whatever it means to you.. be able to run a 10 minute mile instead of 11, be able to deadlift ten lbs more than last month, quit smoking or loose the gut, get that next stripe on your belt or be part of a regional competition. You look up to the best and apply their determination to your world.

What three things did you apply to your happiness today?

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