Today’s three awesome things (12/30/13):

1. Gyros, it’s awesome according to this sign.. so is my drive home from the gym every morning when I get to see the sunrise over the intercostal.
2. My tripod-boy got his stitches removed today and is now free to play with his new furry friends. It was awesome seeing him hop around in disbelief over his newly won freedom.
3. We went for some sushi tonight instead of cooking and I left my phone at home. I’m glad I did because otherwise I may have missed out on face to face conversation and them playing a live version of Tom Petty’s “Mary Jane’s last dance” over the stereo. This song always reminds me of when we used to go to KJ’s, a local watering hole that closed its doors last year after an eternity of service. I hope my fortune comes true and I get to discover many more KJ’s, phone-less conversations and good times.

What three things made you hopeful for awesome times today?

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