Today’s three awesome things (Newyears Eve edition):

1. I got to tell my parents happy new year on the phone and they sounded happy. They were about to drive up to a local hill there and watch the fireworks.
2. It was pretty much set in stone that I’d have to work tomorrow but right when I got home I got a text from my boss saying that they found someone to work for me tomorrow so I will have a nice dinner, a couple drinks, stay up late and watch Dinner for one as it is tradition and wait for a brandnew day.
3. I’m not a huge new years resolution person, but I do have some changes in mind. With that, my resolution is to “embrace the suck” on the way to my goals. You will not wake up tomorrow and be a fitness instructor, a better person, super punctual, wake up in a new house, as a non smoker or 15 lbs ligher. Tomorrow you will have to get up and take the very first steps towards the more awesome version of you. The steps will suck.. a lot, but they will get better, more steadfast, stronger, more reassuring. Not in two days, or even a month. But eventually. Taking these steps over and over, even if you don’t know when you will arrive at your goal.. that makes you awesome in my book.

What three things made you awesome today?

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