Today’s three awesome things (01/03/14):

1. On some days I actually have a nice view from the last room I clean each day. I like when I can rest my eyes on green stuff.
2. Someone donated another Berkshire blanket (in case you don’t know, Berkshire is the most comfortable blanket in the world) but since there are already three at the house, this little guy now has his very own Berkshire. He loves, when I lift up the blanket, to run underneath it until it covers him completely.
3. About a month ago I got into talking with the owner of my favorite coffee place about how he quit smoking cigarettes and he gave me some helpful tips. I figured if a guy that owns a store of one of the biggest triggers for smokers can do it, I should be able to do it too. So I’m on day 3 and doing better than expected. I am embracing the suck (great mantra by the way) and thankfully I love coffee by itself enough for it to be satisfying just on its own. Cross your fingers everyone.. my husband says, if I make it to my birthday in February I get archery stuff! I really want to shoot arrows at things.

What three things served as your inspiration today?

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