Today’s three awesome things (01/05/14):

1. I took my bike for a spin this morning. I haven’t done that in a real long time and it made me feel like a kid again.. just meandering around the neighborhood on my bike and taking in the fresh air, quiet nature sounds from the range that hugs the back of our neighborhood and watching some rainclouds slowly trotting into our area. 2. After going to yoga, like we’ve been doing every Sunday lately, we stopped for some dinner and a mango margerita. I’m glad I don’t know how to make these..
3. After the drink we decided to grab some groceries from the store next door. I was fighting some pretty good cravings at this point and I felt myself staring down the isle thinking how familiar that scenery looks. I then realized I’m thinking about my favorite movie.. and the Dude never smokes a single cigarette in the entire movie (besides the obvious).. cravings gone.

What three things were your help today, drawn from unlikely sources?

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