Today’s three awesome things (01/08/14):

1. This morning at the gym we did a partner workout to honor hump day. My partner and I rocked super awesome \m/_
2. I had a nice phone call with my parents on my break. I told them about my successful quitting of cigarettes and they were super happy. I kept imagining what it would feel like to get orders to move back home after more than 6 years of living in the US. I’d go to the indoor pool all the time and hike through the woods, eat sausages at the imbiss, drink coffee with my family on Sundays, sit in little cafés for hours, speak my language.. it would be nice and new and old, all at the same time.
3. I smelled fresh grass when I let the dog out tonight. I’m ready for summer.

What three things stirred up your imagination today?

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