Today’s three awesome things (01/09/14):

1. I had to do a early run to the veterenary for work today and I decided to make myself slow down and find the café I’ve been wanting to stop at since a year. I was not disappointed. Not only did they have one of my favorite coffees “on tap” and home made baked goods, but also I met one of the wonderful girls that work at my other coffee place I always go to and we promptly had a nice conversation until I had to go back to work.
2. I got off work early and today would have normally been one of those days where I take a nap that’s unexcusably too long. I grabbed the dog and went for a jog in the light rain instead and I sure didn’t regret it.
3. I think these “throwback Thursdays” that are going on all over the social media are awesome. There’s nothing wrong with remembering good times. Here’s mine: my dad, the neighbors cat, my first guitar and me, approximately 1984ish..

What three things today made you discover the new and old you?


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