Today’s three awesome things (01/10/14):

1. Jhoov woke me up at 5 am for breakfast because dogs still have a wolf instinct and apparently oh my god o’ clock is the best time to slaughter a calf.. and by calf I mean a bag of kibbles which are made up of mostly protein. Luckily I slept good the night before and so I really wasn’t that tired so I stayed up and went to the gym for a 6 am class without any sort of rush.
2. We had a kitten at work that had to be separated from its litter mates due to being sick and it sent him into a four hour long meowing frenzy which basically consisted of making the exact same repetetive and increasingly annoying sound for hours at a time. That was, until about mid day I figured out what will keep him quiet.. it’s laying on a persons crouched back until he falls asleep and then being burrowed under a soft blanket. Passed out cold within minutes.
3. Friday evening at the coffee shop is my favorite time of the week. I feel like these are going to be one of those good times and people I think back on a very long time from now.

What three things made you turn a very long week into a good one after all?

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