Today’s three awesome things (01/16/14):

1. I miscalculated the gym time this morning so when I showed up nobody was there. I decided to drive by the beach access on the way back and see the sun rise.. truly rise. I’ve wanted to do that since a long time. My favorite thing was that I was completely alone there and when I was driving out the lonely road there was night and the full moon in front of me while the rearview mirror was glowing orange from sunlight. I need to do this way more often.
2. My coworker is trying to quit smoking because I quit. Being the one with the positive influence for once is pretty awesome.
3. There’s this old lady that comes to the shelter.  She used to be a regular there since it started sometime in the 90s but has slowed down a bit. She has a beautiful grandma voice when she speaks. It cracks joyfully and is also fragile but warm. I used to love listening to my grandmother speak.

What three things made you warm with memories today?

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