Today’s three awesome things (01/20/14):

1. Two of my best friends in the entire world started their move across the country this morning. If I tried to write down what these two have meant to me in the last few years I’d still be sitting here tomorrow. In short, it feels very similar to when my best friend in elementary school and I moved to different schools or when I drove away from my waving parents the night before we moved overseas. My friend has been sending me pictures all day though from their road trip. Everytime “bradda ed” (a gift we gave them before they left) enters a new area or state, he gets a picture taken. These have been making me smile all day and it made me feel like a little piece of me is with my friends on the road trip. Friends make friends smile, even through being sad.
2. I’m still not smoking.
3. I finished a job application my old self would have normally given up on. This thing took me a long time and I have no expectations because I’m simply proud of not giving up.

What three things made you keep going today?

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