Today’s three awesome things (01/31/14):

1. We went from really hard freeze to everything melting at once in Florida here.  One thing I like about the melting is that it makes fog. It may be odd but I actually really enjoy foggy days sometimes. It’s like theres a constant blanket of anonymity around you. Nobody can see you coming or going and, while it’s probably just a trick of perception, I always feel like everything is just a little more quiet.
2. When I was sitting in traffic today I occupied my time with people watching since things were going slow. I like observing people through my rear view mirror. Today I caught a woman dancing and rocking out behind the steering wheel. It made me smile for many reasons. It’s cool that she is into music with such a passion. I also like that she didn’t care what people might think, but mostly she made herself smile. I think that’s a very important skill to have as a person. Who knows what makes you laugh better than you? I say use it, and be goofy sometimes. It’s good for you.
3. I got my hair colored and I love the way that stuff smells.

What three things helped you be more observant today?


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