Today’s three awesome things (02/24/14):

1. Sometimes the things you get donated at a shelter are really cooky and inventive.. today we had a perfectly functioning fishing rod with reel made of the tip of a normal rod, the end piece of a broom, and parts of a bic lighter… when you spin the little lever thing the string actually comes out like it’s supposed to. Whoever made this is awesome.
2. This one veterenary office I sometimes have to go to has a parrot named rosie. She can say “hello” and if you ignore her she fires back with a rather inquisitive “what are you doing”. I can’t decide if I want to rename her nsa-rosie or Windows Office Help, the little naggy office pin that pops up and states the obvious every time you’re trying to do something.
3. Ryan got a German cookbook in English. This really helps because that way I don’t have to look up every single measurement.

What three things brought your smile back today?


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