Today’s three awesome things (03/10/14):

1. Today was a picture perfect spring day. I like the contrast between the leafy green and the sky blue. on days like this, when there are nearly no clouds, you can sometimes look up and see airplanes really high up, not when they are almost landing, but when your town is just a little spec they fly over unnoticed.
2. You have to start somewhere.. so I started, the long long journey of overseas moving. This is where you start being 1/4 homeless for a few months out of your life. I found an unopened peanut butter jar from 2009 which evoked sentimental memories of that year. It’s awesome when you have so many good memories that you can pick up any common household item and go “awww”.
3. I’m having some much needed puppy time on the couch and the house to myself for a little bit. I am considering passing out in this position, minus the coffee.

What three things helped you find the calm in the storm today?


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