Today’s three awesome things (03/12/14):

1. When I stopped by a local café this morning to procure some lunch, I was in deep thoughts when I ordered so I just pointed to something without thinking. I ended up with a dozen strips of bacon on delicious bread with fruit and salad.
2. I had a nice walk with my friend and neighbor Cristen and the dog after work and I decided it was nice enough outside to be opening a bottle of wine and do the first bench sit in of the year. I’m going to miss these evenings.
3. Another thing I’m going to miss may just be something only certain people can relate to. It’s to sit on my bench and watch the plane go around that practices dropping bombs on the range. I love that sound because a. I’m an EOD wife and b. because I imagine someone up in that plane who is feeling like a three year old because they get to blow something up. If you’re not into that sort of thing.. just imagine the sound of really awesome fireworks. I am into that sort of thing.

What three things made you feel surrounded by awesome today?


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