Today’s three awesome things ( 03 /19/14):

1. Since I learned of our move in a few months I’ve been taking walks with much more purpose. I enjoy every single minute of it and walk really slow to take more in. It’s fascinating how important even very small things become when you have to leave them behind for an unknown period of time.
2. Today was apparently day of the crazies at work. I even had to ask/tell a person to leave.. however one visitor always saves the day for me. I have never learned her name, but she comes about once a week to visit the cats. She gets dropped off by her caretaker, appears to have a speech impediment or something of that sort. She never talks much other than hi or bye but she always gives me a knowing nod.. like when people understand something really important. She sits in the same exact chair every time and even the cats that don’t like anybody else, seem extremely comfortable in her lap. I can tell that people tend to treat her like she’s a little silly and old, or a little underdeveloped.. but to me she’s one of the most beautiful beings I’ve met. I love walking by and looking at her, how she completely is engulfed in her own world where her and the amimals understand each other perfectly without any words. She’s Mrs. Florida in my mind and I will miss her.
3. I’m enjoying a little drink on my bench. I’m glad they ship benches to Germany. I don’t know what I would do without it.

What three things made you appreciate the characters you’ve encountered today?




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