Today’s three awesome things (03/31/14):

1. I’m back! I’ve been a little down lately for various reasons but then realized that there’s no point to this exercise unless it betters my life, too. So I figure picking it back up may help. Tomorrow is my 8 year anniversary and that made me smile because we’ve come a longer way than a lot of people in our situation.
2. I like that I can go on spontaneous little runs with my friend, who lives across the street. Everyone should have at least one friend that will run or take a walk with you on a whim.
3. My mama is awesome. When our dear boxer was a puppy he got into some papers and ate the corner off of our marriage license. So I had to order a bilingual copy of our license in the town in Germany where we got married. They don’t do online payments though so my mom made a quick call when she heard and it is going to be on the way here sometime next week.

What three things picked you back up today?


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