Today’s three awesome things (04/02/14):

1. There is a street in our town… it is said that people on that street get into trouble (I personally think it’s a lot more dispersed than that). Whenever it’s really crazy at work I go to get a coffee at a drive through window that’s near that street. On my way back to work I’ve been driving back to work through it.. in the beginning as a shortcut. But now, during the day anyway, I find it really peaceful to drive through. There’s hardly any traffic and a lot of people that live on this street walk to places. In the afternoon there are kids getting out of the schoolbus and walking home. They don’t own cell phones that they bury their faces into, but they talk amongst each other as they walk home. There’s a certain “southern tristesse” that hangs over some areas of this street. It reminds me of the overgrown nothingness that surrounded my town when growing up. My friends and I made good memories playing, walking, imagining in this nothingness so everytime I take this route I think that maybe there are kids on this “infamous” street that are making the same memories.
2. I like the veterenary office I have to go to a lot for work. I’ve grown really friendly with the staff there over the time I’ve worked at the shelter. Where I work, it’s usually too busy to get any kind of recognition or anything but when I go to this vet I feel appreciated and that makes my day.
3. I think most people consider these flowers weeds, but I like those blue, little signs of summer.

What three things made another man’s trash your treasure?




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