Today’s three awesome things (04/03/14):

1. This morning I had a physical scheduled so I didn’t have to go to work right away. I had enough time to stop by Maas for a coffee and enjoy some caffeine, vitamin D and H2O.
2. Ryan got me some “ranger panties” (who knew they come in mosquito size as well). If you have military friends you may have gasped at these before. I am a convert. Most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn..ever.
3. I had a total “Forest Gumb” moment tonight while running. I was just going to do a mile with my neighbor, but then found motovation along the way to make it four miles. I simply kept going. My favorite was this really old retiree that lives in my neighborhood cheering me on at mile two from his front lawn.

What three things made you keep going today?


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