Today’s three awesome things (04/17/14):

1. The great thing about working in a pretty old building is that when it’s quiet you can sneak off for a little while and be completely alone. I really like doing that in lieu of a break. I went and sat in an empty room on the floor and closed my eyes and listened to the noises coming through the small opening in the window. It’s like a re-boot.

2. My sister sent me some nice pictures from home today. I haven’t seen her in two years… and the flowers I haven’t seen in a little while longer even. Three more months.

3. I had a nice running workout tonight by the beachside. I’m glad we are doing those again. When I come back from that I always feel like when I was little and I would come back from playing outside. That feeling of ‘I know I’m going to sleep well tonight’..


What three things made you feel content today?



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