Today’s three awesome things (05/14/14):

1. I found these nice flowers right behind my work building that seem to thrive, even on top of what I would consider trash and less than nutritious soil. I find anything that’s opportunistic and hardy like these flowers awesome. I know humans like that, too.
2. We took part in an italian cooking class at a local restaurant tonight. Besides the fact that it was delicious and really interesting, any time you get to hang out in a kitchen with friends you have to take that chance. Some of the best moments of my life have happened in a kitchen with friends. Something about that particular combination makes great memories.
3. I like working my legs with this massage roller thing right before going to bed. It makes you feel like when you went to the pool for the better part of the day and then you take a nap.

What three things were good for your well being today?


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