Today’s three awesome things (05/15/14):

1. This cat at work today holding a ball.
2. The weather was perfect today. Thin sweater temperatures,  a breeze, low humidity and just a few lofty clouds.
3. When I was painting pieces for the house tonight I realized how much I display mannerisms of my dad. I could see him in front of me with a paintbrush hovering over a piece of furniture he built, a very focused face, breathing calmly and pressing the index finger in deep thought against the crease between the lower lip and the chin. He looks like he is calculating something in his mind, when really, he is in sort of a state of zen. Because he’s building something and I know better than most, this takes him to his happy place. The memory of my dad with a paint brush and knowing that I will get to see him soon for the first time in over two years made me smile.

What three things made you calm today?




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