Today’s three awesome things (09/12/14):

1. I don’t  quite know how to write today’s  #1 and make it sound awesome to someone this means nothing to… if you’ve  ever been part of a very small group, unit, carreerfield, club, sorority or simply group of friends and one was lost, small gestures take on a very large meaning. In our EOD family, as most of us happily call it, we all feel the loss of one. And we did immensely on this day five years ago and still do. His wonderful wife created an event where one can take a toast in her husband’s honor and the pictures and videos are just pouring in. It makes you feel awesomely connected with one another when all come together to honor one and that nobody ever is forgotten. That’s truly an awesome thing to witness (here a little link about a very important organization to us
2. We got to see one of our friends from our old street. I miss that street and all the people that live on it so it was really nice we got to get together.
3. I took a long walk in the afternoon. It was nice out and a little breezy and there were people out with kites. I never get tired of seeing them. Something about constant movement and stillness at the same time is very calming and makes me think of the ocean.
What three things made you reconnect to humans today?


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